USA Barcelona Realty Advisors

USA Barcelona Realty Advisors, LLC is an advisory company to a series of real estate investment funds, sponsored by USA Barcelona Realty Holding Company. Our focus is to manage the development, creation and acquisition of select service hotels. These hotels are planned to be franchised by Marriott International, Inc., Hilton Properties Corporation or Hyatt Hotels Corporation; and will be located in proven markets throughout the United States.

Our hotel holding company is currently offering a Land Fund, which provides investors a relatively short investment period and a strong return from the process of entitling each land parcel on which a new hotel will be built. The investor will also have the unique opportunity to continue an investment involvement in the resulting new hotels that will be built on the land parcels.

We are creating alliances with investors, land owners, contractors and operators to take each land parcel through hotel construction, stabilization and, ultimately, liquidation to our planned USA Barcelona REIT.


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